Video Intercom System – Intercom Systems for Home is part of Home Automation Equipment, which can take your home to the 22nd century. The home automation system is the most widely acquired system in the country. The benefits and the conveniences it provides our consumers are the primary reason to why it is so highly acclaimed. Intercom Systems are becoming a necessity for homes around the country due to security and safety reasons.

For years, Home Intercom system has evolved in so many different aspects. Starting from a simple burglar alarm system to the automation of multimedia appliances, this system is one of the most effective innovated systems. Before intercom systems came to homes, these were used in large buildings owned by companies, etc. The only difference between a such an intercom and a home intercom is that the latter is far less complicated. There are so many appliances that can be automated in ones’ home. Primarily, intercom systems, security alarms, lights and heating systems are the ones that can be automated. As time passes by, home intercoms are becoming more widely available and very affordable.


This is an electronic communication device that is used locally. It works the same way as the telephone, but intercom is only limited to the local building or place. Homes use intercoms to communicate from one room to another. Bigger houses would require more equipment in the intercom system. Automating it will help one to actually associate more feature like two to three way calling etc. Aiphone intercom, Elvox Intercom, Siedle Intercom.

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